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Pest Control - Using Methods to Get Rid of Pests

 The use of pest control in farming and ranching has increased as arable land becomes more scarce. Pest management refers to the practice or management of a particular species defined as an insect, a member of this animal kingdom which negatively affects human activities in the environment. It includes the control of rodents, birds, amphibians and even pests. There are several methods used in the management of the pest. Among them are:

Biological Control: The biological control of pests is a complex task involving various techniques such as biological treatment of insect swarms, rodent control, and the use of non-selective sprays and pesticides. A specific biological control solution must meet various requirements such as the elimination of all adult insects, to preventing reproduction of eggs by female insects, and also to ensure that no new insects or larvae are able to survive after the extermination of the existing pests. One of the most important requirements is to ensure that the introduced species do not survive to pose a danger to people. In order to achieve these goals, biological control solutions may include use of beneficial insects and their control, fumigation of the soil for eliminating pathogenic microorganisms, application of fumigation inside the house, and use of highly selective insecticides.Discover more facts about pest control at

Integrated Pest Management: This pest control method involves the use of fumigants and bait. Fumigation kills insects by fogging, while bait acts as an attractant which attracts certain birds and rodents. When the rodents and birds feed on the bait, they release poisonous gases which cause damage to the plants and damage to structures. The damage done by rodents and birds depend on their diet and the amount of poison present. This system of pest control is used to control rodents and other ground dwelling pests such as mice, rats, and raccoons.

Bait stations are placed in strategic locations in the garden so that it can attract birds and mammals easily. Some of the commonly used baits are fenugreek seeds, and cotton soaked in vegetable oil. These baits attract animals and insects that will eat them, including birds and squirrels. However, the downside of using bait is that it takes a long time before the animals start eating the bait resulting in minimal pest control.

Garden guns and traps are widely used in the control of rodents from this website. Garden guns are designed to fire a plastic pellet which is coated with pesticides. These pellets can pierce the skin of larger animals and kill them instantly. The pellets are made up of chemicals, wood shavings, and feathers. Traps are set beneath the garden beds and holes are dug using a metal pole and trap door.

When using insecticides, it is better to apply it more than once. Also, it is better to use insecticides that contain alcohol or an organic compound rather than those with chlorine or pesticides. A mosquito trap is also an effective way of controlling mosquitoes and other pests. All these methods however take time to show results. In contrast, using traps and garden guns immediately results in minimal pest control at